Doge Generals

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0.2 ETH

Doge Generals is fine art with an post neo-modern twist: EVERY Doge General is fully animated and has a dope soundtrack so that you really feel like you are there. The team's incredibly talented artist created a truly special experience based on historical figures from all over the world. We profit share as a team and will donate 10% of profits to the humane society. We are trying to conquer the world by creating a Doge General for every country :) . Our pricing strategy is to give EVERYONE a chance to HOLD one of the epic pieces, with price points starting at 1 Dogecoin . While the majority are one of a kind and on ETH, we also have a few on MATIC so you don't need to pay fees + multiple copies. SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE IF YOU ARE A BAG SWANGER: If you buy this Doge General, YOU get to select the next Doge General we create! We will create two completely unique versions of the general you select and will