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  • Latoken Provides Premium Support to Crypto Startups: Coinhunt Partnership

Latoken Provides Premium Support to Crypto Startups: Coinhunt Partnership

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Latoken is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on all crypto-related activities such as digital assets, exchange, startups, and marketplace; founded in 2017 by Valentin Preobrazhenskiy. Latoken, which has been constantly developing and growing since its establishment; has more than 2.5 million registered users in total. Latoken has been audited by CoinGecko and Certik and is entitled to be among the reliable exchanges. In addition, by complying with the norms of the European Union, Latoken has been entitled to receive a license for the below services;

  • Services of exchanging a virtual currency against fiat currency
  • Services of exchanging a virtual currency against virtual currency
  • Virtual currency wallet service

As the Coinhunt team, we closely follow the projects that contribute to the cryptocurrency ecosystem and work in cooperation. In this article, we will examine the Latoken Exchange in detail, and we will also talk about the advantages of Latoken and Coinhunt cooperation for the new projects of Coinhunt followers.

Why Latoken is the Best Platform for Listing New Projects?

Latoken Exchange

Latoken Exchange, where you can trade hundreds of cryptocurrencies in 5 basic parities, has a user-friendly interface. In this market where the concepts of DeFi, Web3, and NFT are spreading faster day by day, Latoken Exchange has adapted to these concepts and mediates the trade of these cryptocurrencies.

By means of Fixed and Flexible Staking pools of Latoken, users will keep the value of their money by staking, as well as get a return with up to 180% annual APRs.

Latoken Exchange, which also serves as an NFT marketplace, hosts dozens of quality NFT projects. You can create NFTs and offer them for sale, also share with your friends to earn Latoken. In addition; users can claim a limited amount of prize NFTs and receive them after completing social and trading tasks. NFTs can be transferred from all popular networks and all popular NFT marketplaces are reached.

Latoken Launchpad

Latoken is a global leader in the startup token primary market allowing startups to raise a significant amount of funds. In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the launch of new projects is usually done with IEO (initial exchange offering). Latoken Launchpad hosts 30% of all projects that have successfully completed the IEO process.

The marketing process for startups is very difficult and costly. In this process, a platform that offers comprehensive services such as Latoken provides many benefits. Your project is presented to over 400 VCs and NHWIs during the IEO phase in Latoken. As soon as your project is listed on the Latoken exchange, it is open for trading for more than 100K + traders. It is listed in 5 different pairs in total. As a member of the Latoken family, your project can receive service from partner market makers.

With the support of Latoken's advanced services mentioned below, your project achieve excellent success.

  • Created a new dedicated team for launch success
  • Strengthened listing committee selection process
  • Launchpad private placements with VCs and investors network
  • Introduced dedicated SMM and marketing planning process for launches
  • Introduced a new featured launch and improved IEO futures

Reach Thousands of Investors and Traders with Co-Marketing

Many projects disappear after IEO because they do not get enough hype. Latoken makes co-marketing agreements with quality projects that will benefit the ecosystem. In accordance with this agreement, it organizes airdrops, giveaways, and competitions on behalf of the projects. Social media management is one of the factors that make many projects successful. However, a certain number of followers and recognition are required.

Airdrop: Participants complete tasks to get a reward of your project’s token. In this way; the number of your token holders will increase, it allows to increase followers on social media, and your project’s name and information will be spread among the airdrop influencers.

Giveaway: This is a content-based competition that allows all content creators to talk about your project. Latoken’s giveaways generate thousand of social mentions, and millions of impressions and create conversations about your projects on every platform.

Trading Competitions: After your project is listed, a certain volume is required for it to be visible. Latoken Trading Competitions will make it appreciable for thousands of people who will trade your project's token. It allows for an increase in the number of traders and organic trading volume to 10 times in one campaign. As a result of competition, participants trade to get a share of the reward in your tokens.

Latoken Venture Capital Television- VCTV Shows and Pitches

LATOKEN VCTV is a leading Venture Capital broadcasting and forum platform with 10K+ daily viewers and 1M+ monthly visitors. AMA events are also held on this platform with the teams of the projects at the IEO stage. VC-related discussion panels, roadshows, pitch competitions, keynotes, and startup business model brainstorms are hosted daily. Hundreds of VC managers, investors, and founders have already participated in LATOKEN VCTV events. VCTV is also streaming major online events of crypto-related industries.

VCTV allows you to pitch your projects in front of top crypto VCs, investors, and traders.

Latoken Mobile APP

Don't miss new launches, airdrops, and new listings with the Latoken App. You can see the detailed review of the Latoken App below.

Security: Latoken App protects mobile users' data as well as the web and uses all security's best practices

Alerts: You can set up price alerts - hold your hand on the pulse of the market and never miss new opportunities.

Intuitive Interface: Simple to use and quickly make the most critical actions for crypto: buy, transfer, and trade.

Free Coins: Install Latoken App to join airdrops and never miss your chance to earn from scratch.

Localization: You can trade Bitcoin in English, Spanish, France, Italiano, Indian, Korean, and Indonesian (Bahasa) languages.

Live Support: 24/7 live chat support in the app will help you find a solution to your problems.

Partnership with Latoken: Coinhunt Will Be Your Bridge to Global Markets

The Coinhunt team continues to support new projects by contributing to the crypto ecosystem since its inception. Hundreds of projects disappear every day in the cryptocurrency markets. If you want to make a good start, your marketing skills must be strong. In the topics above, we explained why Latoken is a great marketing partner for a new project. If you want to benefit from Latoken's Listing Services, please kindly reach Coinhuntcontact on Telegram or by email to [email protected], we will guide you with Alexander Rees-Evans, Senior listing manager at Latoken.

In this way, you will get the following advantages for your projects;

*Free Promoted Section: Your project will be listed in Promoted Sections of Coinhunt for 10 days for free. Coinhunt website and mobile application serve thousands of users every day. These users are potential investors for your project. There are promoted projects at the entrance of our site and mobile application The name of your project will be engraved in the memory of every visitor.

*Free Content Creation: The Coinhunt Content team will create a detailed review article about your project for free. Coinhunt is an authoritative website in its field, reaching millions of people every month. Therefore, it gets indexed quickly by search engines. All of the articles are written by our expert team as SEO compatible with high-quality images. In this way, your project will rise to the top of the search engines.

*Free Social Impressions: Your project's article is shared for free on Coinhunt's social media accounts. In this way, your social platform impressions increase, and the visibility of your project will rise rapidly. In addition, your content is published in the featured section of our website and mobile application.

*Free Review For Your Technical Documents: The technical documents of the projects (whitepaper, one-pager, pitch deck) are the first documents that conscious investors look at. Spelling mistakes, data errors, and inconsistencies in these documents greatly damage the reputation of the project in the eyes of investors. The Coinhunt experienced team examines all your documents and provides you with a detailed report.