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  • Encriptados International Sim Card. Will not be identified, located or intervened.

Encriptados International Sim Card. Will not be identified, located or intervened.

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Wherever you are, be on call with the Encrypted Sim


The Encriptados Sim Card works in more than 200 countries and is the ideal option to protect your communications.


Traveling is a delight for everyone. Besides, it is a necessity for many business people and those who do business in different cities around the world. Therefore, communicating with family, friends, partners, or collaborators will always be a requirement. Plus, they seek secure communications to protect their privacy and personal information. And for this, the Sim Encriptados is undoubtedly the best option on the market.

How does it connect outside the country?

Nowadays, all of us have a cell phone, which is essential for communicating with family and friends and has also become a work tool. People need to be online at all times. Which is why a common question asked when traveling abroad is: How to use the cell phone outside the country? With the Encriptados SIM Card, you will no longer ask yourself that question.


The first option all people think about is to use the public Wi-Fi network; of course, it would be simple and easy. But its not possible to find a public Wi-Fi network at all times. Besides, it would be useful for chatting but it wouldn't help with business calls, and even worse, connecting to public Internet networks is extremely dangerous because all the data is traveling openly through the network, which leaves our private information exposed to hackers.


So if you are thinking of traveling to another country or you're a frequent traveler, you should start thinking about discarding the connections to the Public Wi-Fi networks and looking for an option according to your needs. Encriptados.io takes your privacy and security seriously, which is why it brings the new Sim Encriptados, an international encrypted sim card that connects you anywhere in the world.

Meet the Encriptados Sim Card


When you own an Encrypted SIM Card, you're having a private network provider that will be in charge of your security and total anonymity guaranteeing, preventing your information from being manipulated, shared, or sold.


You can travel around the world and communicate quickly and confidently because the Encrypted SIM Card works in more than 200 countries. Only have to buy it once, and recharge it when you need it; the best thing is that the balance never expires, so you can take as long as you like to consume the resources of your package.


Also, if you are wondering if it works on your mobile device, the answer is yes; the Encrypted SIM Card works on any IOS, Android, Windows, or BlackBerry device. Plus, it is compatible with all apps so you can use it without inconvenience wherever you are.


Why have the Encriptados Sim Card?


In addition to being able to communicate from anywhere, the Sim Encriptados offers additional benefits. For example, will have encryption in the geolocation information, which makes it impossible to locate you in real-time, also, your IMEI will be hidden to prevent associating the Sim Card with a phone and thus give you an additional layer of security. You will also have your calls and data encrypted to keep your information away from malicious third parties.


Besides, can generate a false number for your calls and remain anonymous, like a ghost within the network, because as service providers, Encriptados.io does not request personal data for the invoice nor does it save the call history on any server. You will also have 24/7 support and an advisor who can always help you when you need it.


What more can you ask? Go undetectable with the Sim Card Encriptados!

How to get and use the Encriptados Sim Card?


Using the Encrypted SIM Card is very simple, you can easily go to Encriptados.io, select the package you want to load, and make the purchase through different options such as Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Mercadopago, Bancolombia Transfer, or Coinbase and pay using cryptocurrencies ( bitcoin, bitcoin cash, USD currency, Ethereum, Litecoin).


Once the payment is confirmed, the Sim card will be sent to you, then just have to install it on your mobile device and start enjoying secure communications without borders. The amount of data available will be calculated according to the geographical area in which you activate your plan. On the website, find the table of zones and the countries that comprise them. This way you will know how much your package yields in each country. With a single Encriptados SIM Card, you will be able to communicate in more than 200 countries. For the following recharges, you will simply have to enter the page and choose the package that best suits your needs, this will be automatically charged to your Sim card.



So, if you want or need to travel and want to communicate safely from anywhere in the world, the Encrypted SIM Card is the ideal option. Trust, total anonymity, security, and privacy.


Travel safely and communicate safely with the Emcriptados Sim Card.