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  • Coinhunt Supports New Projects: DxSale and GemPad Reviews

Coinhunt Supports New Projects: DxSale and GemPad Reviews

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Launchpads are platforms that list projects that have just entered the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It provides the opportunity to be the early investor at a low price by investing in the project listed on their platforms. It is difficult to predict prices before cryptocurrency projects hit the market. Quality launchpads don't list every project because they don't want their investors to lose. Therefore, using the right platforms, we can reach projects that have been previously analyzed by the launchpad team.

The Coinhunt team examines many projects in detail and prepares attentive, quality content for their followers. In this article, you will find detailed information about two different Launchpads.

DxSale - Leading Decentralized Launchpad and Token Services Protocol

DxSale leads the entire cryptocurrency presale ecosystem as Decentralized Launchpad. Token service protocol is another feature of the platform. DxSale has hosted more than 12,750new projects in total. Many projects that provide thousands of times more profit to their investors have emerged from here. Other features of DxSale are listed below;

Ø The host of projects that enrich its investors such as SafeMoon, CumRocket, ElonGate

Ø Platform supporting 16 different blockchains in total

Ø Secure token sale with decentralized smart contracts

Ø Build trust in the project community with locked liquidity

Ø Minting popular DeFi tokens without any coding knowledge required

Ø Airdrop tokens to your userbase with the click of a button

GemPad - Find The Next Gem Project

GemPad is a platform that serves project owners who are preparing to enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem. No matter how high quality your project is, it can be difficult to find investors in this environment where dozens of projects come out every day. Project owners can improve their projects by reaching large audiences. In addition, the GemPad expert team examines the projects to protect their investors. They list projects that have received full points in security, transparency, and KYC Audits. Let's take a closer look at the advanced features of GemPad.

Ø GemPad provides multiple tiers to suit the needs of every project. In this way, GemPad supports the project owners without harming the token structure and their budget.

Ø It has brought together many different features with a simple interface for users.

Ø The built-in alarm feature provides fast information flow and reminders to investors.

Ø GemPad implements a unique 24 minimum time limit from the creation of a presale until token launch with its expert team.

Ø GemPad contributes to the prestige of projects with easy listing processes, liquidity locking, auditing and KYC services.

Coinhunt Support New Projects

The Coinhunt team continues to support new projects by contributing to the crypto ecosystem since its inception. If you want to create the pre-sale of your project on launchpads; please reach Coinhuntcontact via telegram. In this way, you will get the following advantages for your projects;

Your project will be listed in Promoted Sections of Coinhunt for 3 days for free. Thus, it will be promoted on the Coinhunt website and announced to thousands of new users / potential investors. Your project will be added to the coins listed on our website and will be prepared for the autonomous pre-sale phase.