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  • What is MetaFootball ? And why are they trending ?

What is MetaFootball ? And why are they trending ?

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MetaFootball (MTF) is a deflationary token whith the project of building a fantasy football trading card game, based on NFT cards. It claims to be one of the most popular virtualized blockchain-based soccer game. This token is actually trending on CoinmarketCap, so we wanted to introduce you to the features and tokenomics :


MTF's project is to develop an NFT-based game with trading fantasy football cards. You are compensated for playing the game as you will earn more cards. The concept of the game allows you to play as the manager of a multiplayer, community-driven football game in which players can select from a variety of playstyles.

This business model is not revolutionary, but it has made its proofs in the last couple of months, as most of the trendings NFTs are used to build a card game.

Through an incentive wallet, the smart contract will also compensate any one who forecast the outcome of a match with some amazing prizes (NFT, tokens).

The team

4 members are displayed on the website actually, but only their nicknames are known. That being said, the team is very active on twitter, they also have a telegram group.


Total tax : 13%

Tax breakdown :

  • 6% goes to the incentive wallet
  • 3% to the liquidity pool (locked)
  • 2% redistributed to holders
  • 2% buyback

As you can see, the smart contract uses every trending features to help generate value for early investors.

We strongly encourage you to check their roadmap, as it is well-detailed and shows that there is still room to grow for this early project.

Lastly, it should be noted that the cryptocurrency market is unpredictable. Volatility in the crypto world is inevitable — so, invest wisely only after DYOR.