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Coinhunt AMA and news services

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A new year is ahead of us, and Coinhunt is opening 2022 with a whole new chapter.

We are very happy to announce that we are launching two services at the same time.

Coinhunt News Platform

To begin with, we have just launched this exact news portal, where anyone can submit and share any cryptocurrency related news that they have written.

If you are a community driven token owner, admin or moderator and you have a well written article about your project, you can get in touch with us after submitting your article to see if we can publish it.

We are open to partnerships, and as always our goal is to keep growing with our users. Our goal with this Coinhunt news platform is to participate in the growth of the global cryptocurrency knowledge and news sharing. We will also regularly write tutorials, analysis about the market, etc.

Coinhunt AMAs

With our new AMA service we are aiming to become the voice of the investors.

Any project that wishes will be able to book an AMA with us (If you are interested you can already get in contact with us by email via [email protected])

For each AMA, we will examine the project and prepare questions. Afterwards, we will also gather questions from our users via our different social media channels (Twitter, Telegram and Website).

The AMAs will be hosted on our official Telegram channel: @CoinhuntCCOfficial

Our first AMA session begins this Friday 7th January at 19:00 UTC

We will be discussing with the people behind Raven the Game ($RTG)

More details will be announced on our twitter page: Coinhunt Twitter