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  • Get started with Solana NFTs, a quick tutorial

Get started with Solana NFTs, a quick tutorial

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Everyone who is interested in cryptocurrencies right now has heard about NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Some of you may not be familiar with this blockchain and thus, are struggling to get started.

Don't worry, our guide will cover everything you need to know in order to buy your first Solana NFT.

Step 1 : Having a solana NFT-compatible wallet

Not every wallets allow you to store NFTs, that is why we recommand Phantom, easy to setup, user-friendly, dark-themed and NFT-compatible, it is the best wallet to get started and start buying and selling NFTs.

To acquire your first SOL, you can use an exchange like Binance, or use a bridge from one blockchain to another (not recommander for now, as there are very few bridges covering SOL).

Once you have some SOL to send to your Phantom wallet, click the "deposit" button and copy the address, use it to send your solana tokens to your newly-created wallet.

Once you have the amount of SOL you need to start buying NFTs (we recommand at least 5 SOL to be comfortable and buy from new collections), you can start to look for things to buy !

Step 2 : Buy your first NFT

To buy a Solana NFT, there is not much choice, the best website is probably https://solanart.io/

To get started, chose a collection from which you want to buy

For example we have the very well known Degenerate Ape Academy. You can use the top-right button to connect your Phantom wallet, and use your deposited SOL to pay for an NFT you want to buy !

Your ownership of this token will be publicly available on any solana blockchain explorer, example : https://explorer.solana.com/address/DfUTrM77wekXvciabzakzC7A4GV6JCnteWCXGBDSj5pV

You can use the same website to try to sell the NFT at a higher price ! (Risky business, try at your own risk, Not a financial Advice).

Once you completed the transaction, you will see your Collectibles on the appropriate tab of the Phantom wallet extension.

You can now be an NFT-trader, collector or investor with this guide about Solana NFTs !