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  • What is RBXSamurai token ? The new token offering you interests and marketing services ?

What is RBXSamurai token ? The new token offering you interests and marketing services ?

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What is RBXSamurai ?

They describe themselves as : A marketing consultant firm, specializing in cryptocurrencies. They say they can handle all your marketing needs with shillings (manual or macro), content creation, social media buildout and community engagement.

They are said to have marketed for over 30 coins, with bespoke services to achieve optimal results.

Their techniques are data driven, meaning they will collect some measurable and tangible results as a way to avoid fraud and improve performance over time.

Marketing services :

Manual Shilling : Thanks to their tokenomics, they incentive holders to engage in marketing activities such as manual shilling, that they will provide for other communities.

Content creation : The team behind the token will focus on this part of the marketing, generating highly-engaging social content.

Macro Shilling : Via a macro-bot that will share up to 67.200 messages a week.

Publishing : small announcement to white-paper.

RBXS token :

Tokenomics :

  • 2.5% tax on sells
  • 100m total supply
  • cross-chain (ETH, AVAX, MATIC)

Use-case : The RBXS token will be used to provide marketing services for other coins, and generate revenue, those revenue will be put in the Liquidity Pool.

They invented a hierarchy system, that will reward active members in Leadership, Content creation, Shilling and more marketing activities. You will be rewarded by going up in rank, and thus, in revenue.

The token is still in its really early stage, we strongly recommand that you take a closer look at their website and their twitter page.