Shiba Classic


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Launch Date

May 11, 2021

🐶🐕 Welcome to Shiba Classic 🐕‍🦺🦮 A safeplace for all original Shibs, who enjoyed their time with their original time in $SHIB but the ship has long sailed. Our main focus is still saving homeless dogs, however with focus solely on smaller shelters vetted by the community, as it should always have been. If you ever wondered why Ethereum classic is booming, and thought it made no sense, it's because there's always a certain group that disagree with the choices an institution makes the bigger it grows. Instead of focusing on already well-run and heavily funded charities, we wanna make a difference where we can directly see our moons get spent well. We wanna see how the dogs are doing, who their personalities are and how they are treated! We do not want to see half our donations going to 'administration fees' or central authority. It's simple: We need to see more doggos being put into a loving home 🏠

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