Space Orca


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Launch Date

May 7, 2021

Space Orca, our top priority is creating a platform where you can participate in making the world a better place. When we initially approached this idea, we knew we wanted to work towards protecting animals found on the endangered species list. Due to the extent of man-made pollution, habitat destruction, global warming, poaching, and more, a majority of these incredible creatures are already teetering dangerously on the edge of extinction. We recognize that the animals who share our world serve as a barometer for its health, and so we set our sights on how to tackle the larger issues at hand. None of us have a chance at long term survival if drastic measures are not taken to reverse the effects of climate change. This is why we have devoted ourselves to giving individuals the power to protect and preserve our environment. We at Space Orca will not rest until we have created a platform which can be used as a robust and dynamic tool in the fight to maintain this planet for generatio

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