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July 1, 2022

⚙️ Proof of Hold & Hold to Earn ⚒ 🛡Unique designed Staking, Compounding, Reflection and Referral at next level of WEB3 Technology. 🐭 First Smart Contract that reward the holder based on new technology Proof of Hold and Auto-Compound. ⛑The Fuel of Obsidium Ecosystem ⛑ ✅Sustained by Obsidium and it's technology 💎1,450,000 Initial Supply 💎14,500,000 Maximum Supply 🤯TAX Reflection 🤯Double Earnings 🤯Referral TAX Reflection 🆘APY: 25,834% 🤯APY Reward every 24 Hours on Proof of Hold 🧮Halving Mechanism at every 31 Days 🧮APY on Proof of Hold Halving at Half every 31 Days 💎Staking Pools 💎Farming Pools 💎Gaming Center 💎Referral Earning Center 💎Gambling Mode 💎Permanent TAX Ttransaction ✅3x Audits Upcoming ✅KYC Upcoming ✅Backed up by an Ecosystem 💎CMC Listings before launch 💎CG Listing before launch 💎Capital Fund back-up 💰Safe / Secure / Unique