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Launch Date

April 28, 2021

People's Token Hokkaido Inu 北海道犬 is an experiment of building a fully decentralized community. Hokkaido Inu Token (HOKI) is similar to Shiba Inu Token (with 10x lesser supply) but it operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform which the platform manages to keep gas costs quite low ($ 0.04) compared to Ethereum ($ 5.53), a notable difference for BSC which is 135 times cheaper. Moreover, it works as a solution for those who use BSC-based decentralized exchanges such as pancake swap. Moreover, 30% (30 Trillion HOKI) of the supply will be burnt through initially and 20% (20 Trillion HOKI) will be burnt due to different procedures explained in the roadmap. Therefore, the total supply will be only 50 Trillion Hokkaido Token. Vision The power of community is always greater than the power of individuals (although, often communities were manipulated by few individuals), Meme based tokens such as HOKI are intended to show the power of community over individuals and the power of diversit

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