Rover Inu


Binance smart chain:


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Market cap


Launch date

May 10, 2021

TODAY LIST ON COINMARKET CAP: šŸ”„ We have burnt all LP-Cake tokens - and - All ROVER tokens are independently managed by community and liquidity only.šŸ”„ ROVER INU is new dog in town, Rover is safest dog around. Most ready for the moon spaceship! Rover hates rug, he bite them good until his humans throw them away. Rover is faster dog because of BSC vitamins! Welcome to the ROVER INU community-based and decentralized project! šŸ’Ž1,000,000,000,000 ROVER <<< 1000 times lower supply than Safemoon! SAFEST DOG EVER. šŸ”„500,000,000,000 ROVER HAS BEEN BURNT! ( HOT HOT šŸ”’ 500,000,000,000 LOCKED