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Liquidity - The Base of Dreams


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February 12, 2022

"Liquidity - The Base of Dreams" is a project that will deliver enough liquidity for the main project "Dreams", which we will launch later. That's why it is called The Base of Dreams... 🙂 The project(Liquidity contract) will be renounced once all settings are working 100% for a while. This will then make it a standalone community project that will run forever. From time to time(communicated in our Telegram channel & upfront ofcourse) we will sell some fee tokens to generate enough liquidity for the main project. Stay tuned for more updates and please help spread the word by inviting others to our project. Much appreciated. Dreams - Your Charity Token! is a Community Driven Decentralized Binance BlockChain Charity Project that will be HUGE and Launch in the very near future. 100% Liquidity LOCKED!(will be extended soon) Team Tokens LOCKED! 2% to Holders 4% to LiquidityPool 2% to BURN address! 2% to Charity/Development wallet 5% to REBUY when tokens are sold

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