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September 1, 2021

🕹 Pixel Shoot Online 🔫 Pixel Shoot is the first shooter and your next favorite game token on BSC! Fair Launch soon! Demo videos are available on twitter! Pixel Shoot is a multiplayer shooter that will soon be deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. We have developed this game as a personal project first to have fun on Saturday night, then we have improved it and we will improve it again! Our goal is to offer a simple and fun gaming experience to a large number of people. You can see the available functions below: For the moment, there are 2 modes available: The "Get most crates" mode, where the condition of victory is to acquire the most crates. The "Kill most players" mode, a funny online mode. In these two modes, you have different weapons: • The pistol • The double pistol • Machine gun • The explosive pistol Other game features : • 4 players in the same room • 2 maps • Playable without download