H-Space Metaverse


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  • Arken Finance

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Market Cap


Launch Date

December 16, 2021

H-Space Metaverse is a revolution in gaming economy! We bring together the best of both worlds. we brought the best games to the cryptocurrency universe. We all want freedom. Freedom to drive powerful cars and motorcycles, have different professions, try different jobs, fly planes and visit the world's main airports, or even have your own business. Finally, we want to have the freedom to live a life that we shape, always focusing on our desires. The satisfaction of having these different experiences can come in different ways and one of them is in the virtual form, with our city Roleplay, perfectly designed, which offers participants the most different experiences, and even with the possibility of receiving tokens for their participation and jobs performed in the game. We also have our Virtual Airlines, which is the first tokenized virtual airline in the world, with state-of-the-art planes and able to take off and land at the main airports in the world. And, in a bold move, the HKSM te

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