First Doge Finance


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Launch Date

October 6, 2021

FIRST DOGE HYPER DEFLATIONARY WITH STATIC REFLECTION THAT REWARDS HOLDERS THE FIRST DOGE IS COMING TO SIGN YOUR CAREER… WE ARE BREAKING NEW GROUND AMONG TOKENS. WE AIM TO CONNECT TOKEN ADMINS WITH MODERATORS AND CRYPTO INFLUENCER. WE ARE HERE WITH A PROJECT THAT WILL INNOVATE YOUR CAREER AND MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER. FIRST Doge is designed to prepare you a beautiful future. As the FIRST DOGE FINANCE community, we are aware that telegram token holders are having a hard time finding moderators and admins for their global groups. FIRST DOGE is a project designed to help you in this sense, make your work easier and save time. In addition, this application will enable token managers to advertise more effectively and reliably, and will serve you with this platform, which also includes a scoring and commenting system on the application. FIRST DOGE is coming to be a tool for those who want to be moderators of token pages.

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