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July 25, 2021

Floki is a Ultra high tech-deflationary token with auto-claimed and buy back future. Simply hold Floki and earn BUSD automatic and Buy-Back function increase the price which two auto function let investors gain more confidence to purchase and hold. INTRODUCING FLOKI🐶 🌟UP TO 5% BUSD REWARD 🌟UP TO 11% BUY BACK 🌟3% EXTRA SELL FEE 🌟ANTI-DUMP LOCK SELLS 🌟ANTI BOT( 30% SELL FEE IN 24 HOUR) 🔥3 BUY IN AFTER EVERY SELL 🔥YOU'LL NEVER SEE MORE THAN ONE SELL IN A ROW Marketing plan⭐️: ➡️ BTOK ,WECHAT AND WEIBO PROMOTIONS! 🚀 ➡️ We have a strong Chinese language marketing team🔥 ➡️Shiller more then 100 on Chinese /English social media 🔥 ➡️Peparing few YouTuber with over 20k sucribe🔥