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March 24, 2022

The world of DeFi is a beautiful mix of Degens, NFTs, projects with high utility, projects with no utility, stablecoins and alts, swaps, as well as DeFi 3.0 innovation. As with any other industry and culture, there is also a seedy underbelly. There are those in DeFi whose intentions are less than honorable, creating a culture of rugpulls, honeypots, and orchestrated pump and dumps. In other cases, the problem statement is not always as clear. The world of DeFi is growing exponentially on a daily basis as a result of a modern day land rush. Stock traders, gamblers, opportunists, and fortunate seekers are entering projects as devs, advisors, and in roles previously reserved for engineers and web developers. This has created a series of projects with notoriously bad launches, costing early investors large sums of BNB and ETH, and creating bad mojo for the devs, the projects, and the communities.