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May 23, 2021

Licensed company. BeMyHero Token is a Personal Location-Based Safety App with GEO-Location. It draws its strength from the community of app users. The App will have an alarm button to press if a person is in danger. Local app users will be notified with a GEO-location on the person in danger, and will be able to run to the rescue. The "Heroes" running to help the victim will be incentified to help, because they can see other "Heroes" running to help, knowing they will not be the only one. A potentiel victim will be able to see multiple people coming to help within moments. The token will have the utility in-app with buying merchandise, donate directly to charity organisations for prevention of violence, and also have an incentive reward system for "Heroes" that dedicates nights or weekends to be on the watch. This project will rise with the community and as users download the app, it will become easier to protect our family, friends, kids and friends you haven't met yet.

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