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Launch date

August 29, 2021

1. NFT Platform Our main objective with this is to establish an environment on our website that hosts a variety of NFT's. The idea here is that the team of BabyBlanket Shiba will establish a variety of our own NFT's along with constant progress on this project. 2. NO CHARGE NFT uploading That's right, users with a metamask wallet will be able to upload their own NFT's with no charge! users will be able to upload their own NFT artwork that is related in some ways to our own NFT arts. With this in mind, you will be able to make a profit on your own NFT's!! How Exciting! 3. AGGRESSIVE MARKETING Our plan to make BabyBlanket Shiba a success is with aggressive, paid marketing that will guarantee traction with this innovative idea! PRESALE on DxSale! 4. To fund the aggressive marketing plan, BabyBlanket Shiba will host a presale on DxSale (details coming soon!) 5. Giveaways Follow us on twitter and interact with us to win giveaways! Enjoy the ride!