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Launch Date

January 2, 2022

DeltaFlip ($DeltaF) is the first peer to peer NFT wagering platform on the blockchain. DeltaFlip is a platform where users will be able to coinflip there NFT's against other users on the Ethereum network (ETH). DeltaFlip revolves around tossing a coin toss, which gives the players a 50/50 chance to lose or win NFT's. A coin flip involves taking NFT's from your OpenSea inventory and turning them into credits, for which you then flip a coin. For one credit, DeltaFlip requires you to transfer the equivalent of $1 worth of NFT's. Before the coin flip, the draw machine assigns you and another player to a particular side of the coin (Heads/Tails), and then the player whose side wins, takes the pot. DeltaFlip will take a 3% tax on the total value of NFT's in each coinflip. This 3% tax will be used on $DELTAF token buybacks to ensure the price of $DeltaF is always rising. DeltaFlip also has a 5% tax on all transactions for our ETH reward system. Holders will get ETH rewards automatically in t