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April 22, 2022

What is the BOSON token? The BOSON token is the core economic unit of the Boson ecosystem. It is used to govern the ecosystem, incentivize different actors and share the value created. How is Boson Protocol governed? The Boson governance is going to be implemented and modelled across the three phases of start-up, scale-up and DAO. Progressively, it will enable the fair and equitable distribution of ownership, value and control. ‍ The long-term goal for Boson Protocol is to be governed by its community. Unlocked with the BOSON tokens, through the dCommerce DAO, the community will decide which projects to fund and what applications to build. How to participate in the Boson ecosystem To support the development of Boson Protocol you can apply for a grant, contribute directly to the codebase, participate in bug bounties, or if you are a token holder take part in DAO governance.

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