Whiskey NFT


Binance Smart Chain:


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Launch date

September 1, 2021

🔥Guys! You noticed that NTF Projects are in trend now and making most powerful X ? 💈Please research Whiskey NFT project 🥃We create the world's first CRYPTO BAR Whiskey NFT - We are team of professionals, we know how to create project, which the whole crypto world will be talking about🚀🚀🚀 📣$WSKY TG Chat: https://t.me/wsky_chat ✅See for yourself: ✔️Rewards in BNB for holders ✔️Active chat ✔️Representative site ✔️Devs have been working on the project for over 2 months ✔️Dev Doxxed ✔️Transparent and audited contract ✔️Huge Marketing plan with $150 000 ✔️AIRDROP 100 BNB 💰💰💰 ✔️Shill rewards ❗️We do not promise to do something - we have already done a lot❗️ ✅We have a precise roadmap and marketing plan and we follow it✅ ⚜️We are not a one-day project, we are a serious team with a great potential GEM⚜️ ⚜️Just Relax 💎Hold $WSKY 🥃Drink Whiskey 💵Get Richer 💈Chill....