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Launch Date

December 23, 2021

DOUBLE REWARD TOKEN (RC2) + UTILITY TOKEN Anyone who purchased a Our first token REWARD CYCLE for 1 BNB ($590) investment in the presale or at launch was worth $20k in 5 days, and even after a month, that 1 bnb investment is still worth $10k today, plus daily USDT rewards. With the launchpad anticipated in a few weeks, Launchpad will boost the price of RC1. The Token Before RC Done 50X. We'd like to welcome you to our Whitelist Contest! Reward Cycle 1's DEV and Core Team are the same (Fully Doxed and KYC by Pinksale). The RC1 token is inextricably tied to the RC2 token. The RC 2 token will be released with utility and will be used for our new advertisements and token listing website, which will be similar to coinhunt.cc/Coinsniper but with additional features. For RC1, the RC2 Plateform will serve as a lead generation platform. Holders of RC1 will benefit from RC2: Hold 1 Million RC1 to take part in Presale of RC2 or Win a spot with most points! Sweepwidget link: https://sweepwidget.c