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July 26, 2021

Toretto Token - The Family of BSC! The next generation of Smart Contract with love, made for all of the BSC users. Do not forget, we are a family! Tokenomics: šŸ”„ 8% Reward Fee (Automatic BNB Rewards with Auto Claim Function for Holders, who is having at least 0.25% of the total supply in his wallet!) šŸ”„ 2% Liqudity Fee šŸ”„10-12% Slippage šŸ”„ Multiple Anti-Whale mechanics to guard our family. Special Functions: šŸ”„ MaxBux / TX There is a limitation on maximum buying on every TX! šŸ”„ MaxSell / TX There is a limitation of max selling, so whales can't dump the token šŸ”„ MaxWallet / Token You can only hold the 1.5% of the total supply on one wallet. šŸ”„ Selling = Higher Fee If you want to sell, you should use more gas, and it has bigger fee than buying. More money for holders and the Family! āœØāœØ No Dev or Marketing Wallets / We are also joining the presale to make this the biggest Family EVER! āœØāœØ āœØāœØ 20% of the main supply is getting burned āœØāœØ šŸŒŽ Our Telegram: šŸŒŽ T