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March 17, 2022

♻️ 8% of every transaction is staked on Anchor Protocol for 20% annual APY which is used weekly to buy-back AEB: the NEW Tokenomic - watch the video to learn more. ♻️ 40% of all funds raised on the fairlaunch are also staked on Anchor Protocol for 20% APY, again used weekly to buyback Anchor Earn BSC. 💰 4% BUSD Rewards: Automatically distributed 🔐 Staking: 1% Returns every day! - 365% APR for every staker to ensure the length of project and incremental returns. Stake, Earn, and relax and spread the word! This will be the BIGGEST rewards token ever! Tokenomics: Total Tax - 12% 4% BUSD Rewards 8% Yield to BuyBack protocol: invested in Terra UST for 19.5% APY - the returns are harvested to BuyBack tokens and PUMP the chart 🔐 Staking Vault: 1% DAILY RETURNS! Stake from 10 to 100 days - each day guarantees 1% returns - fixed APY of 365% - VAULT READY BEFORE FAIRLAUNCH Anti-whale and 🤖Anti-bot features: 2% max wallet and 1% max transaction limit

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