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February 4, 2022

🕧 Tick A Lock 🔐 is a deflationary token with a unique community based puzzle game. Everyone is trying to solve a question and win the weekly prize! (a percentage of the TIALO supply). Prizes EVERY WEEK for Tick a Lock a % of the TIALO supply is up for grabs! Game 1: "The Question" The Question is a weekly riddle. During the week the week three clues will be revealed. The first person to answer correctly will win the prize. If no one wins the prize, it is burned! In order to play participate in the riddle, you must hold a set amount of TIALO tokens. Game 2: "The Crossword" The Crossword functions as a weekly crossword. In order to be applicable for the prize you must purchase letters. A set amount of crossword letter coordinates are marked as winners at the beginning of the week. If you choose the correct coordinate AND the correct letter, you will be applicable for a split of the weekly prize! If the crossword is not fully solved by the end of the week - the prize is burned! Tokenomics 12.24% of each buy will be used to pay for LP taxes. This tax REDUCES each week "The Question" and/or "The Crossword" is solved! A variable % with a minimum of 0.24% and a maximum of 7.24% on each sell will be burned. This variable % is weighted based on your holdings, the higher percentage of the holding, the more you hold, the more you are taxed. 2% marketing tax on buys and sells. 1% max-wallet limit on buys/sells 1% max-wallet limit holdings WEBSITE https://tickalock.app TG https://t.me/tickalock

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