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Launch Date

January 31, 2022

Some facts about FiPi: Private Sale second week of January (03-09.01) - WHITELIST FOR PRIVATE SALE AVAILABLE (ENDS 04.01) https://fipi.io/white-list What is FiPi? FiPi APP is a tool that works exactly like ETF funds in capital markets (f.g. S&P 500). FiPi APP is an investment tool which task is to reflect the behavior of a selected fragment of the cryptocurrency market (FiPi Crypto Indexes by BITA GmbH). FiPi APP is developed by the FiPi Limited (Tax No. 5252885957). What is FiPi Token? • It is utility token that will be used for the Tier system (holding some amount of FiPi Token will reduce fees in the FiPi APP) •Moreover each purchase via FiPi APP will mean a simultaneous purchase of FiPi Token for 1% of the purchase value. Why should you buy FiPi Token in privatesale? Everyone who purchases FiPi Token in pre-sale will be assigned the LEGENDARY INVESTOR tier. This will include a lifetime, ANY-fee-free use of the FiPi APP and exclusive access to selected FiPi Crypto Indexes!