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March 27, 2022

👊🏽55CENT token — feel da reel ol'school! Let's remember reel ol'school with all badasses and chads back in 2000s. We've got significant exp in this sh1t and goddamn totally sure about our success. So we invite you! 55CENT token is all about so watcha and gotcha! ◾️ 55CENT POTENTIAL The main point is — lotta DEFI should be improved and contain main goals of 2014-22 crypto evo. Meme coins're not just fun anymore, no sir. It's about hype and competence of developers team. So who could be more competent then 50 years total exp team here? ◾️ HOW IT WORKS Buyer-seller ecosystem regulates with moderate taxes. 10% of every transaction spread between 3 main self-growing instruments — 5% goes to loyal holders who provide main up-trading volume and hold basics (a way better then staking huh?) — 3% to liq pool. Nuff said — 2% marketing. We've got enough for now though but you know, need to keep going ❗️Yo cut dat sh1t and join us going the fucking moon March 27 at 19:00 UTC Gotcha?

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