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May 16, 2021

I've a good feeling this is going to grow rapidly after talking to the developer in their telegram group and looking more into it , I found it to be very interesting. Currently have website in the works, from my understanding of what he has says they plan to implement an arcade style games system on the site simultaneously encouraging new developers or game creators to try make games to be hosted for their site utilizing the coin as their rewards and fee system for the games. FOM has an active dev planning on working with this coin over the coming months and weeks. The developer has renounced ownership and it’s liquidity is locked. Majority of the time I check if ownership is renounced and liquidity is locked but can admit to of being to hyper in my crypto gambling in the past. The growth is rapid at the moment, as with every new coin. The challenge I personally think it is going to face over the next 24 hours is maintaining this growth and convincing it's holders not to sell. The de

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