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June 10, 2022

*IWC Project Description* The internet’s borderless commerce and communication has caused an incredible change in the way we live our lives, handle our finances and ensure our securities. Beyond finances, the technology behind (Blockchain technology) has the ability to revolutionize the communications industry with its speed, and security. The Incredible wealth coin is developing a blockchain infrastructure that makes both internet and cellular communication more simple, secure and accessible at a very low cost by introducing blockchain SIM Cards that is compatible with any phone and decentralized app (DAPP) for secure instant messaging, video and audio calls and sharing of contents. The Incredible Wealth Coin (IWC) has considered the most effective instruments available on the morden payment landscape and has bundle all of them in to one easy to use ecosystem platform. (IWC) will be available through credit/debit cards payment gateway so that holders will be able to pay at any pl

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