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Launch Date

August 20, 2021

We have created what we call the Shillmoon Protocol. It is composed of the following 3 elements 🔥Targeted, Hyper-deflationary tokenomics that tax ingress & egress but allow for frictionless transfer and use cases.🔥 •All Transactions with designated LP incur a 10% Tax that is divided into two parts. 1. 5% Is immediately burned 2. 5% To reward Liquidity Providers Note that the taxation does NOT occur for Peer 2 peer transactions. 🔥Automatic Yield Farming (Auto Staking) For community controlled liquidity🔥 • All holders of designated Shillmoon LP tokens receive their fair share of 5% of every taxed transaction. • This means that you earn BONUS, incremental on top of the LP Fees. • Fair LP - Unlike auto-LP Tokens with| centralized liquidity pools (e.g Safemoon), where the entire 5% liquidity tax goes directly to the team, the 5% liquidity tax is decentralized and shared equally by all Shillmoon Liquidity