Crao Token


Binance Smart Chain:


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Market cap


Launch date

February 28, 2022

Our goal is to become the largest token on the Binance Smart Chain, not in market cap, not in volume but in impact. Giving back to our community via monetary rewards is an essential objective at Crao. Crao aims to make a platform that constantly grows until it can achieve a fully decentralized status where the development fund’s rewards will be turned off entirely and ownership renounced. Basically, our goal is to build a sustainable ecosystem composed of consumers and merchants. A variety of applications will be given to the user directly from launch, including a CoinMarketCap (CMC) New Listings Bot for receiving new promising BSC token projects as rewards, a custom rewards token selection and ratio of BNB to selected rewards token, a wallet view with current balance and value of distributed reward tokens, an exchange interface for PancakeSwap V2 listing pairs and an analysis tool to monitor the Crao CMC rewards system.