Baby Tiger Game


Binance Smart Chain:


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Launch date

August 20, 2021

✓ What is Baby Tiger Game Token ? $BTG is the largest 4 random coins reflections token on the Binance Smart Chain. $BTG is one of the BTC, ETH, CAKE and BNB rewards tokens with a unique auto-claim feature. Rewards are sent to your wallet directly. All you need to do is HODL BTG and earn 4 random coins rewards HOURLY 🚀 As you all know we've been expanding into NFT based projects. NFT game🎮where you can keep, train, fight, and trade tigers! Together you and your friends can establish your own Tiger colony and wage war against other colonies. With team battles, you can have $BTG tokens in the prize pool of each battle.🔥 Join WhiteList: Join Telegram: WhiteList Competition Will begin Friday! (20th of August) If you win a whitelist for the presale, you are guaranteed an allocation! 💸Whitelisted Presale with 100 BNB HC and 50 BNB SC💸

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