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Launch Date

February 24, 2022

META SPACE DOGE [YEAR 2050] - Is A SHIBA INU Doge Rebirth in METAVERSE ON PLANET MARS. (A DIGITAL DOGE - MSDOGE for Space Community) (Year 2050, Planet Mars) One Day META SPACE DOGE - MSDoge decided to take his spacecraft and Visit Other galaxies for Space Doge Community & Colony Expansion. While Time-Travelling MSDoge Visited PLANET Earth and to assist in the technological evolution of mankind, he would first need to establish an intergalactic currency for the Future where he came from, One Digital Metaverse Currency that could be used by all the people and The Galaxy of civilizations and that could integrate with the space age technology of the Future. The Utility of coin is - Buy Meta Land, Buy Land at Planet Mars , Buy NFT, Meta Games, Tradable. With a Total supply of 5 Billion Coins. I AM META SPACE DOGE - FROM THE FUTURE Thanks Team MSDOGE.

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