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March 22, 2022

Takes place in a fictional world, “Dood Kingdom,” a land of mystery and adventure. The beautiful and peaceful kingdom is threatened by dangerous enemies who lust for power. Leading a troop of mighty heroes and fight against traitors to regain the lost lands and earn valuable rewards 🌟A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF CHALLENGES🌟 In Kingdom Raids, Challenges are a list of milestones that encourage players to engage in in-game activities like spending in-game currency or completing the first tournament. 🌟A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF BASE BUILDINGS🌟 Each Land in Dood Kingdom is split into many small tokenized build plots in which players can build Buildings to protect against raid. In today’s lesson, let's take a look at Base Buildings first, Doodians! ⚔️A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF KINGDOM RAIDS HEROES There'll be many heroes in the Dood Kingdom & each owns unique abilities. 🔶Rarity: NORMAL, RARE, EPIC, LEGENDARY, MYTHIC 🔶Element: FIRE, DARK, ICE, LIGHT, EARTH 🔶With each hero, gamers can Summon, Awake

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