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July 15, 2021

EVENTEX is emerging as the next big crypto project that amalgamates cryptocurrencies with real-life use cases. Each token holder is eligible to participate in a raffle where he can win a ticket to a free trip pre-decided destination (luxuries included). Furthermore, the tokens can also be used on the platform to get tickets to various events. Lastly, EVENTEX employs an incentive mechanism similar to SafeMoon where the platform discourages transacting the token and incentivizes users for merely holding on to their currencies. This is done by taking 15% as the transaction fee, a major chunk (10%) of which is swapped for BNB and redistributed to wallets which hold the coin, 4% of the transaction fee is sent to the liquidity pool and 1% sent to the event/marketing wallet. So, not only does the token have actual use cases, it is an investment opportunity that gives returns in three formats: -BNB redistribution -Price movements -Chances to win free trips around the globe