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November 2, 2021

G² is a new multidimensional ecosystem built around Telegram-based gaming, gaming partnerships, a Diamond Hold Lottery, and a staking pool. G² incorporates a Diamond Hold Lottery, with 50 prizes per week. Guaranteed lottery drawings every 4 hours, every day, and every week! G² will also have its own Telegram-based game room (beginning with "Slots," followed shortly after by "Wheel of Joe" and "Plinko"!), which will give back 90% of its revenue in the way of prizes. The remaining 10% profit will be sent to the staking pool. Other projects can partner with G² and plug our gaming bot into their own TG community to increase community engagement. Partner games profits are split 50/50. Finally, G² will operate a large staking pool that provides holder reflections, increases the value of the project, and serves as a backup funding mechanism for the Diamond Hold Lottery.

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