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August 2, 2021

RocketDoge is the next big thing! We are combining two things that Elon Musk loves the most. And we already paid for the RocketDoge Aerial banner to be flew around Tesla Headquarter in the bay area! Don't miss out as if we get Tesla workers to see it, it would be huge just like how Daddy Doge proceeded. RocketDoge (RDOGE) is inspired by Doge and is a hyper deflationary token. You are still early as we haven't launch yet! 30% would be sent to burn on the day of launching and is going to be the next 100X token that goes to the moon! We would reward and protect our diamondhand holders. Holders will receive a percentage of every transaction as reflections. The LP will be locked and the slippage needed on Pancakeswap would be 12% in the future. With auto added Liquidity and reflection, this would stop the bots or day traders from manipulating the markets. Also with 30% going to be sent to the burn address and 4% reflection on every transaction, it would be hyper deflationary.