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February 18, 2022

👑 Millionstarter presents the Social Q app. Social Q will be a groundbreaking app that allows people to meet, date, socialize, and manage their finances via blockchain. Parts of Social Q: - Social network The premium decentralized community/connection network of the future, managed by MST token holders. - Dating/Meet We introduce a new dimension to dating. Search 100% verified users. Our specially developed artificial intelligence system filters out fake profiles and speeds up the dating process. - Protection Q-Protection is the world’s first crypto-based device protection service. If your phone breaks, you do not have to explain. This “insurance” covers the cost of your phone, new or used. We have been using this product since 2018 on FIAT, and as of now, you can pay for it with cryptocurrencies. 👑 PRE SALE HAS BEGAN - Please check our roadmap and the dates of the phases, until when you can buy the MST tokens at a cheaper price. 👑 Our curretly running Affiliate program: When someone signs up on our website through your invitation link and purchases an MST token, you will receive 20% of their purchase as a gift in the form of an MST token. — > 💵 20% from future purchases via affiliate links However, our shopping bonus system will continue: 💵 2% Bonus over $500 USD 💵 5% Bonus over $1000 USD 💵 17% Bonus over $3500 USD ⚜️Development of Phantom Chat has started ⚜️ MST Staking - Tie down the MST token and earn a monthly bonus as its value increases. You can find all details about Staking on our website. Our new Affiliate program will also be available soon, making it easy for you to earn money, details on our website soon. For more information please visit our website.

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