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Launch date

August 31, 2021

FireZard is the world's first BSC Trading Card Game with instant win rewards through collectible NFTs. The FireZard NFT Trading Card Game will be driven and backed by blockchain technology. This gives us the capability to create unique, collectible cards which the community can be instantly rewarded for. However our cards are not only collectible, they will have an instant win prize attached to them which will be redeemable on our dApp. You have the chance to pull a card which can be worth anything from 0.1 BNB (Uncommon) to 5 BNB (Ultra rare) which is redeemable instantly. What we are creating is a platform where you can stake your $ZARD to open NFT card packs which are instant collectible NFT rewards. We want people to be able to make money without it being hinged on just farming and selling a native token. We want people to have fun! Read our whitepaper on our website for an in-depth look at our system.