King Of The Doge


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Launch Date

July 30, 2021

King Of The Doge is ‘Gamified’ tokenomics that incentivize holders to purchase $KOTDOGE in order to rank high in King Of The Doge. The Capture the Flag aspect also incentivizes investors to buy, it gives holders an opportunity to receive a great amount of $KOTDOGE through taxes. The King Of The Doge is the top buyer within a 4 hour interval. If you are the King, you are rewarded with 3% of every transaction until someone buys above what the current King has bought. Imagine the gains! 🚩 Capture The Flag 🚩 Capture the flag by buying a minimum of 2.5 million $KOTDOGE . Whoever holds the flag receives 1% of every Transaction 🎮 GAMIFIED DOGENOMICS 👑 King Of The Doge (Earns 3% Benefits) 🏴‍☠️ Capture the flag (Earns 1% Benefits) 💰 Redistribution (1%) 🔥 Burn (1%) 🏦 Treasury (4%) Total Tax: 10% Think you have what it takes to be Alpha Doge? ⚔️ May The Best Doge Win ⚔️ 🗣 @kingofthedogeofficial 🌐

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