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November 19, 2021

We are pleased to announce the creation of the first safety-providing listing application. A platform that can host all of the new tokens. For each token to be hosted, its owner must first pass a small KYC. The explosion of crypto has created the need for a solution of monitoring the new-coming tokens as well as providing different ways to work with original projects. Our goal is to create a new platform that will host recently listing cryptocurrencies. Due to the anonymity in that area, there is a flood of scam projects, so it has become our primary objective to make a leap forward in the direction of safety, in order to make the market more secure for both crypto enthusiasts and investors. Our platform will help this cause by making a light KYC for the creators and developers of each and every project, without their details considered mandatory to be published, at least not if they do not wish so. Whitepaper:

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