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Launch Date

January 12, 2022

Meta Flokimon GO is a High Yield Farming Metaverse Token on BSC with instant rewards on all transactions. Flokichu is Web3’s favorite pocket monster puppy. He can be your best friend or toughest opponent, battling to become the strongest, fastest pup in the Flokimon GO Metaverse. Together, our community will train Flokichu to become the most revered puppy in crypto. FEATURES: 🏎Flokimon GO Kart, Metaverse Racing: www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_FDGNIlzfo 🚜High Yield Farming 💎Staking 🎰P2E Mini Games 🎨NFTs 🛍eCommerce TOKENOMICS: 🚀3% Rewards 🚀2% Liquidity Pool 🚀1% Development 🚀4% Marketing SECURITY: ✅Team KYC (USA) ✅InterFi Audit Complete ✅Anti-Whale Mechanism ✅Anti-Bot Protocol ✅Liquidity 🔒