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August 3, 2021

TurboTron is a next generation auto-rewards token built-on Binance Smart Chain, generating Tron (TRX) rewards for TurboTron token holders. 100% completely community-driven, the project team aims to build a Turbo-Ecosystem made by the community for the community. Hence TurboTron will be a utility token to run the ecosystem with a marked deviation from just being a reflective token. Turbo-Ecosystem will change the scene of how auto-rewards projects are viewed and will pioneer a shift in creating a full utility platform of integrated blockchain products which includes but not limited to an NFT marketplace and GameFi. We are already in the process of exploring gaming competition for our community with an earn while you play concept. Our NFT market place will seek to bridge Binance marketplace and OpenSea. There is a gap in a rarity checker for Binance NFT and we aim to fill that gap. Built for the community, run by the community with current lowest transaction fee of 10% per transaction.

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