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December 29, 2021

BATTLE FOR THE OCEAN Battle for the Ocean is a concept where developers can publish their P2E mini-games and work with us to give out rewards to all of our holders. Besides the rewards, every game will have to pay out a tribute to #teamseas aswell, which will be done thanks to our taxation mechanism. Our platform idea can be seen on our website and whitepaper, where everything is clearly explained. Also, we have already come to an agreement with 3 game studios, so we will post all of those games as teasers as early as tonight. So stay tuned! ❗️If you wish to be a part of a P2E gaming community, where you can receive rewards every day just by holding our token or playing our games, you have come to a perfect spot. Early investments in the project will payout a high amount of dividends, while the supply of #BFO will shrink every day. 4% Marketing Tax 4% Donation Tax 2% Liquidity Tax 1% Rewards Tax

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