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September 3, 2021

Launched in September 2021, $SHROOMY is a legitimate cryptocurrency project designed as a meme coin akin to Dogecoin or Shiba Inu launched on the Binance Smart Chain. See our website here: Currently psychedelic research and therapy is a small but quickly growing field of study and practice; however, our $SHROOMY token is designed to accelerate the adoption of this life changing treatment by the nature of it's memeability. This is done with a charity wallet set aside with 5% of the total supply which will donate 2.5% of the total value weekly, to psychedelic research and therapy organizations polled by the community. With a 10% tax on all transactions, 5% will be redistributed growing the charity wallet and 5% will be sent to liquidity increasing the liquidity pool of the token. In this way, those who spread the spores of $SHROOMY will gain 5% of tokens through the taxes on each transaction, profiting by holding, while also funding the charity wallet.

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