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September 24, 2021

Miners is a collective focused on re-decentralizing Bitcoin, while also ensuring the future of the network through using renewable energy. We've built/are building: ⛏🧊 ✨ A massive Bitcoin mining operation in Siberia in partnership with Cyberian Mine, a major player in the mining space 💵 A system designed to create generational wealth for our holders 🙌 A community and a DeFi ecosystem powered by real mining hardware, a strong community network and a community mobile app, NFTs, a game that ties into our mining operations and much more Our token provides: - Continuous Passive Income in Bitcoin (BTCB) - Continuous reflections from transaction tax - Supports green hydro powered mining in Siberia, one of the coldest places on earth - Is going to be the foundation of the $MINERS ecosystem - Backed by over $110k of real mining equipment in Siberia with more Asics being added frequently 100% Transparency. Check our Dashboard for Live Mining Stats: https://app.minersdefi.com/ Tokenomics: 21 Billion Miners Tokens 50% Burned 🔥 4% Tax for BTC reflections, 4% Tax for Mining Wallet, 3% Tax to LP, 2% to Marketing (13% total tax) 5% Dev wallet, 4.12% Marketing wallet 🔔Launched on September 24th, 2021, founder doxxed 🔓LP Locked (https://bit.ly/minerslplock) ✅Audited by Dessertswap (https://bit.ly/minersauditdownload)🔥Get your bag before our rebrand launch and next marketing push (Jan 2022)

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