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October 1, 2021

Meet NaijaDoge, NaijaDoge is the very first of its kind as its is aimed at making P2P easier for all by making sure you get the exact fiat amount to you token. NaijaDoge is also backed by an NFT marketplace. This essentially simulates the same distinction as when US currency was backed by gold. Having the token backed by the NFT marketplace creates a hard asset that preserves the NaijaDoge tokens value. NaijaDoge has a total supply of 5,000,000,000 NaijaDoge has a 6% redistribution tax for all buys and sells. The redistribution tax is split between the marketing wallet and NaijaDoge holders: 2% goes to the marketing wallet and 4% goes to holders. The redistribution tax provides NaijaDoge with a marketing wallet to fund NaijaDoge marketing campaigns. The marketing wallet is a multi-signature wallet meaning top security for the project, and can be followed by NaijaDoge community with transparency. The redistribution tax means that NaijaDoge holders are rewarded for holding NaijaDoge.